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Welcome to the picture-map of the Transalp 2006

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Garmisch Partenkirchen - Lake Garda, August 19th - 26th, 2006


The Idea:

This website is about the crossing of the European Alps by mountainbike on the basis of pictures taken along the trails. I've always tinkered with the idea of crossing the Alps from the northern part in Germany to get to the best location for mountain biking in Europe (Lake Garda) - and all of that off the beaten track and avoiding as many paved roads as possible. In this, I succeeded for most of the trip - even though a reasonably ridable trail would have helped a lot just before reaching Heilbronner lodge, where I had to climb a long and superfluously steep ascent with the bike on my back through deep mud as well as cold and pouring rain. With respect to realizing the Transalp-Idea, I did succeed completely. And in doing so, just after a couple of kilometres, it occurred to me that the Alps are the best location for mountainbikers, period!

stagesFollowing Suit:
While planning this Transalp-Tour I was already certain that the legendary Tremalzo downhill inevitably had to be the final segment of the trip. The route, starting at Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, accordingly lead along the following stages through Austria, Switzerland and Italy: Ehrwald, Fern-Pass, Imst, Landeck, St. Anton/Arlberg, Schoenverwall, Heilbronner lodge, Zeinisjoch, Galtuer, Ischgl, Bodenalpe, Heidelberger lodge, Fimber-Pass, Sur En in Lower-Engadin, Val Uina, Sesvenna lodge, Vinschgau-Valley, Val Muestair, Umbrail-Pass, Bocchetta di Forcola, Bormio, Gavia-Pass, Ponte di Legno, Pezzo, Forcellina di Montozzo, Madonna di Campiglio, Storo, Val di Ledro, Tremalzo, Pregasina all the way to Torbole at Lake Garda.

The Result:

picturesThe detailed results can be followed online. Therefore, I refer the curious biker to have a closer look at the subsequent pictures of this Transalp-Tour 2006, which surely are entitled to speak their own language. To provide you with some sort of orientation along the way, I labeled some of the pictures with a comment, which can be read when you move your mouse over the respective thumbnailed image. I hope that these pages are able to reveal a small insight to all of the overseas bikers abroad, into what mountainbiking is like in the best bike-park within Europe, especially when you are facing a tour of several days' duration. You might even be planning your own mountainbike-tour through or within the Alps - so maybe I will meet you on one of my upcoming Transalps?! Either way, I hope you have lots of fun surfing all possible trails as well as these websites...

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Thus, with reference to the sign at the entrence of Gorge(Val)-Uina: